Made in Spain

All our models are handcrafted in Spain with high quality carefully selected leather, also treated in Spain. Local workshops with a long-standing tradition and knowledge, work our leather with great care to produce truly unique pieces.

Vegetable tanning

The leather used has been treated (or tanned) with natural tannins, using ancestral methods, which are respectful with the environment, as they are devoid of chemicals, such as, for example, chrome. As the innate properties of the leather are respected in the tanning process, each piece shows variations in tone and markings that make it special.


Our models have been made slowly, to last over time. Due to the use of natural tannins, vegetable tanning products are unique and have a life of their own, each leather preserves its own marks, its past, and will evolve over time, permanently changing for the better, accompanying you throughout your life, writing its own story next to yours, no two will be exactly alike.

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