After many years in the luxury and beauty industry, I decided to pursue a dream, and create a vegetable-tanned leather handbag and accessories brand, handcrafted in Spain.

Having lived in Paris, Tokyo, and Buenos Aires, WASACS is an inspiration from all the places I have been, from the experiences there, from the landscapes I saw, and from the people I met during my travels across these three continents.

WASACS pieces are harmonious, (WA) in Japanese means harmony, with pure and simple forms, where leather is the main material, craftmanship of which I learned in Argentina. All seasoned with a casual “chic” touch that emanates from Parisian essence.

Based on this concept, WASACS pieces are crafted by local artisans that give shape to timeless creations, oblivious to fickle fashion trends, with top quality materials that are conceived to last over time. Vegetable-tanned, not treated with chemicals, such as chrome, our leather skins evolve. Like our face’s skin, they are "the map of life" that reflects our past, building a unique beauty in each model. No two pieces will be exactly alike.

Welcome to WASACS, a brand aimed at a woman who follows her own trends, who buys less and better, motivated by quality products that are sustainable and durable, where the product is always the star.


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