From my years in Japan, two concepts made a lasting impression on me: Ikigai and Wabi-sabi.

Both concepts are closely linked to WASACS.

Although in a very summarized way, we could say that ikigai is what provides meaning, the reason for being. At WASACS, Ikigai is the leather we use, not only is it top quality carefully selected among all the items to obtain the best product, but we also want it to be vegetable-tanned.

What does “vegetable-tanned” mean?

Well, it has been treated (or tanned) with natural tannins, using ancestral methods, not harmful to the environment, as they do not contain chemicals, such as chrome. In this way it can last a lifetime, it is biodegradable, and when it is no longer used it can be reconverted and reused in other ways to stay alive.

In addition, this absence of chemicals gives it a unique, irregular, natural appearance. This is where the second concept comes into play, the Wabi-sabi, or the beauty of the imperfect. The vegetable-tanned leather is shown as it is, in its purest form, with its past, with its defects from where its beauty, and above all originality, stems. Each piece will be different, and it will evolve over time. The original color, over the years, with the sun, oils, and water, will evolve with a faint caramel-colored patina that is so beautiful and characteristic.

Our skin evolves. Like our face’s skin, "the map of life" that reflects experiences and happenings, building a unique beauty in each model, no two will be exactly alike.

Akin to the Wabi-sabi concept, one must know how to admire the beauty of the imperfect and impermanence.

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